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Coaching Terms


What is Coaching?

Coaching is a structure that facilitates the process of personal or professional development. We co-create the coaching approach together to meet your personal, professional and/or wellness goals.


We start with your mission, values and vision. I may bring resources targeted to meet your goals: third party assessments*, questions strategies, and listening carefully for what you tell me as well as what you don’t. Together we identify your strengths, values, and aspirations and create strategies to overcome blocks to success, working toward a high degree of self-care and self-efficacy. 


We jointly develop relevant homework to work towards your goals. At the beginning of each session, I will inquire what your goal is for the session. I ask that you come prepared to provide an update as to the status of the previous session's homework as well as your goal for the session. 


A key aspect of our relationship is developing appropriate action steps to help you move toward your goals.


* (I am happy to recommend third party assessments, but some assessments do have fees associated with them. I will let you know of the fees of such assessments in advance.  You can decide if you wish to proceed and assume the cost of the assessment. Assessment costs are not included in the coaching fees.)

What Coaching Isn’t

Coaching is not therapy. If issues arise that are best dealt with in a therapeutic context, I may refer you to seek appropriate therapeutic services. 


Coaching is not consulting. We’ll explore if consulting is a better match for your needs. 


As a health coach, we may discuss areas of your lifestyle that may benefit from changes. The information received should not be seen as medical advice and is not meant to take the place of seeing licensed health professionals.



Coaching is client centered and the goals of each coaching session is driven exclusively by the client. You will responsible for both setting your overall goal for the engagement as well as each session. You are also responsible for taking the action steps determined during the session that will enable you to reach your goal.


Coaching usually leads to improvements and positive changes in one’s life. I believe that each of my clients are unique, creative and responsible for moving their own life forward.


Although there are no guarantees,most people report significant progress on their goals. 

Coaching Appointments

All coaching sessions are conducted by virtual meeting (i.e. Google Meet or Zoom) unless otherwise arranged.  I will send you the link to the meeting via the email you provide.

Coaching Session Term, Fees and Right of Termination

The coaching sessions will follow this structure:


3 Month Commitment (“Initial Period”) 

You receive two 60 minutes virtual coaching sessions each month for 3 months during the Initial Period. The sessions will occur on a bi-weekly basis unless otherwise agreed.  You will have access to me via email and/or text in between sessions, on an "as available" basis during my working hours. I will endeavor to reply within 24 to 48 hours.


The fees for the Initial Period are $1750 and payment must be made in full prior to the first coaching session being provided. 

After the Initial Period we will revisit the coaching session term and fees. I recommend a maximum of 6 months (12 sessions) and then taking a break to allow for time for independent implementation and  self-discovery. Following a 6 month period, I would be happy to  provide coaching sessions on an "ad hoc, as needed" basis. 


I reserve the right to cancel the program if at any point I feel it is not advantageous for the coaching program to continue. If you feel you are no longer receiving value from the coaching services, you may also cancel the program at any time. You will be refunded for any unused, pre-paid sessions due to early termination by either you or I.  Notice of early termination shall be in writing.



The coaching relationship is built on trust. I agree to keep all conversations and information private and confidential to the extent that the law permits. No personal ideas, information or thoughts expressed will be shared with anyone except with your permission. I may periodically approach a certified peer coach for advice and consultation about our coaching relationship to offer the best coaching I can. This will be discussed with you in advance. While I am a qualified lawyer, while providing coaching services, I am not acting in that capacity and no attorney/client privilege shall apply.

Legal Terms 

You acknowledge that you shall take full responsibility for your life and well-being and all decisions made during and after this program.  You expressly assume the risks inherent in making lifestyle changes. You release me from any and all liability, damages, causes of action, allegations, suits, sums of money, claims and demands whatsoever, in law or equity, which you may have against me, arising from your past or future participation in, or otherwise with respect to the coaching services unless arising from my gross negligence.  

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