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Exclusive For Lawyers

I offer a variety of coaching services specifically for lawyers. I have been there: the "sun never sets" hours, the client who wanted the work yesterday, and the realization that the last time you laid back to "relax" was in the dentist chair.  You put everything into becoming a lawyer for a reason, now if you could only remember what that reason was. I would be honored to be your coach to re-remember your "why" and re-envision how to feel like your whole self again. 

I am happy to offer discounted session rates to law students. We need you to enter the practice of law with not only the knowledge you earned, but also with a plan to ensure  your body and spirit are maintained from the very  start of your career.


Well Being week for lawyers comes but once a year. You need to be at your best at all times. We will establish health and wellness goals. I will support you as you create new habits for peak performance and  to effectively confront  obstacles in your way.



Personal coaching sessions focus on your individual mission, vision and values. We dive deep into your "why" and then develop your "how."


You may also want a thought partner for navigating a situation you find yourself in and are conflicted as to the best way forward; a mental knot that needs to be untied. As your coach, I am your unbiased confidant,  100% on your team.  

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